The fruition of this company came from a vision. The vision to provide quality, authenticity and value for money.

In 2001, an opportunity to bring this all to reality through our first business venture, My Butchers in Deptford high street. In the heart of ethnically diverse area of Deptford, there was a need for fresh afro produce especially with the high demand for traditional product.


With an ever expanding clientele, a brand was born. A brand which would revolutionise the world of African cooking. A brand in Europe that would source authentic produce, for those who still keep that tradition of home cooking away from home.


At My Foods Worldwide ltd, we pride ourselves on the service we provide. Whether it be preparing orders, sourcing rare ingredients, or simply making sure we get the spelling of Ogbono right to impress our much more experience customers! All of our product are carefully sourced to ensure we bring back the good memories of that Egusi soup that Mama used to make.